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       Cable X is a simple solution for customers with a mechanical speedometer in a vehicle equipped with an electronic speedometer signal.   Call APT Instruments at 952-881-7095 to order.  APT provides cables and housings to fit most vehicles (on some foreign vehicles, it may be necessary to send us your old cable so we can modify it for the Cable X).

cablex.jpg (11108 bytes)$369 plus s&h   Cable X is an easy way to operate a mechanical speedo without having to deal with long messy cables and hours of downtime installing drive gears in a transmission.   Cable X is basically an adapter that will pick up the electronic speedo signal and will operate the cable driven speedometer to the corresponding speed.  It's accurate to + or - 2% on most vehicles.

CableX is a snap to install:

    Red Wire:   Hot Wire, Ignition On
    Black Wire:  Ground
    White Wire:  Signal from Sensor
        Follow the dip switch setting instructions for the vehicle which are outlined in the CableX instruction sheet and you're ready to go.




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Last modified: October 08, 2013