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IDENTIFICATION   For your convenience, we have a Customer Information Form you may print.  Place inside box all relevant information about your (name, physical address, phone, email) and information about the gauges being shipped (make, model, year, mileage, nature of problem).  Include any correspondence or conversation you may have had with us regarding the repair and price.   This is especially critical if you use a mailing service.  It is amazing how many packages we get with no information inside.   If you want fast service and we have already quoted you a price, include your check or credit card information.  Note:    Do not ship for Saturday delivery.   We do not recommend using the US Postal Service for your shipment.  We occasionally receive damaged shipments and when we do, it's usually via the USPS.  Here are some examples from USPS:


SHIP TO   APT Instruments Intl Inc, 9632 Humboldt Ave S, Bloomington MN 55431

BOXES   Use sturdy boxes with flaps intact.   Double-boxing is recommended by most carriers.   Make sure the box is large enough to put adequate padding around gauges being shipped.

INSIDE CUSHIONING   Use a minimum of 3" to 4" packing materials around the gauges.  Please do not use shredded paper for packing.  Use enough packing so that gauges do not shift during transit.  If shipping more than one item in a box, wrap each item separately and put sufficient packing material between them.  It's best to ship the complete gauge cluster to prevent damage to dials and pointers.

SEALING THE BOX   Do not wrap outside of box with string or paper.  Tape all seams securely end-to-end with pressure-sensitive packing tape or water-activated paper tape.

INSURANCE   APT is not responsible for gauges damaged during transit to our shop.  We recommend you insure your shipment.  If we receive a package which has been crushed by the carrier, we will call you immediately so you can file a claim.  Remember, the question from the carrier is always, "Was it packaged correctly?"  They will deny your claim if you have not followed the above packing procedures.

YOUR SHIPPING AND HANDLING COSTS    For most clusters and gauges, we charge $18 for shipping and handling to customers within the U.S.   For smaller items $12.  We have increased our s&h prices recently due to costs passed onto us by DHL and the Post Office.   We routinely ship UPS ground within the U.S.  Shipments to other countries may cost more and are usually sent via U.S. International mail which is cheaper.  Note:  We will ship via Federal Express if you have an account with FedEx and arrange for pickup.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

NOTE:   Remember that we do cables and housings.  Don't forget to include in your shipment any cables that need replacement or repair.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, money orders, PayPal and checks.

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Last modified: October 08, 2013