Once we have worked up a price for your project we will contact you and ask for payment.  
We require full payment up front on all repairs and a minimum of half down up front on restorations.  

PayPal transactions will be processed in two parts due to the constant changes in shipping prices.  We will initially send you an invoice for the cost of the restoration/repair and once your project is completed or near completion we will send you an invoice for shipping.


APT Instruments repairs and restores most automotive gauges for foreign and domestic autos from the 1890's to present.  

Speedometers, Tachometers, Fuel, Amp, Volt, Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, Oil Temperature, etc.  We also provide 6 to 12 volts conversions, tachometer upgrades to modern circuitry, mechanical tachometers to electric, clock service and quartz conversions as well as many other instrument services.  We also tackle cable and housings, sending units, custom glass, and chrome plating.  If it has anything to do with automotive gauges, we most likely can do it and if we can not we will direct you to someone who can.

(More information on these services can be found in the drop down menu that appears under the services button.)

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